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As a full stack marketing company we handle everything your brand needs to attract an audience and create a loyal community.

From Market Research to Copywriting, Media Production and Web Development -- we help you create a consistent and relevant brand for your audience.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing plans are not one-size-fits-all. Let's work together to create a detailed Marketing & Execution plan that not only fits your budget but also fits into your busy schedule.

Podcast & Video Production

We have produced over 300 interviews & musical performances for the leading media companies in Canada. We have worked with MarbleMedia, CBC, TVO, Corus Entertainment, to name a few.

Web, Community & Social Media Development

20 years of experience building websites and social media communities. We will help build a site that attracts and converts customers.

About Andrew

Andrew was raised in Scarborough, a vibrant community in the east end of Toronto. After his dreams of being a professional basketball player were thwarted by his 5’8” frame, Andrew attended Carleton University earned his B.A. in English Lit. and Film Studies. 

After exiting Confluent, Andrew pivoted from the software business and started working with some of Canada’s largest media companies like the CBC, TV Ontario, and Corus Entertainment. During this time, Andrew produced hundreds of videos – from live-events with Ozzy Osborne, Rush and Tom Morello, to musical performances, radio specials and TV shows. 

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What our Clients Say

I have been extremely lucky to have created excellent partnerships and some friendships with many of my clients. Here’s what they’re saying about us.
Alan Cross - Broadcaster, Music Geek

Alan Cross

Brain Dead Dog Productions

I've worked with Andrew in a variety of capacities both at Corus Entertainment and with Brain Dead Dog Productions, which is my own company. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andrew for any position, no matter how challenging.

Eva Havaris Leadership Mindset Design

Eva Havaris

Leadership Mindset Design

I’ve worked with Andrew on several projects and he is diligent, thorough, and an expert in his craft. He provides sound advice and ensures an excellent end product. You can count on him to deliver with excellence.

Amber Scott - Outlier Solutions

Amber Scott

Outlier Solutions

Andrew is a delight to work with. He was able to take elements that I found incredibly stressful, and move them into being smooth, repeatable processes. His candid feedback was incredibly helpful in building better events, and a stronger brand.

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